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 "…I got a chance to use your regular [603] stripper again today. I can't tell you how it takes the drudgery out of the removal process! It even managed to get underneath some areas where some fool reglued (over unprimed drywall) with V.O.V., and a few areas that seemed to be Elmer's glue."



Clyde M., certified paperhanger, Temple, Texas



"I used the regular formula [603] in our house, and it was terrific…"
Debby A., paperhanger, West Tishbury, Maine





 "We are using your regular [603] stripper. My guys won't let me use up the [competitor's product] I have in inventory so guess I'll try to take it back."



Pete S., painting company owner, Virginia Beach, Virginia


 Your Neighbors


 "I've removed a lot of paper over the years in several homes we've lived in. My husband refuses to have anything to do with installing or removing wallpaper. He didn't help me this time, either. But a room I figured would take me two days only took part of a day with your regular [603] remover, and I didn't use near as much as I did with all the other products I tried. You can use me for a reference if you like…"



Nancy D., homemaker, San Clemente, California


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