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Wallpaper Removal Kit

The EZEE OFF Kit special features:   

Contractor grade removal solution.

48 page How To Booklet.

Cordless rechargeable sprayer.

A specially prepared "do it yourself" kit designed for the average home owner's use. The kit includes the necessary tools, materials, and instructions for the first-timer to use to remove wallpaper from FOUR average sized rooms.  The kit is provided to save you time with one stop shopping while obtaining contractor grade materials.


Contained in this Kit:Pail with LidRemoval SolutionHow To BookletSprayer6" Putty Knife1 ˝" Putty Knife4" Wallpaper ScraperRazor Knife with BladesScrub Pad2" Masking Tapeľ" Blue Masking TapeRageSpongePlastic

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